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What is “Burnout” clothing?

I’ve been hearing a lot about burnout t-shirts. They are popular, but what are they?

“Burnout” is actually the term for a process of removing some of the fibers in fabric to create a pattern or design. Hence, burnout clothing consists of garments on which the process has been applied.

The process starts with a chemical paste containing acid, which is strategically applied to the fabric to create the desired pattern. The acid burns certain fibers out of the composite fabric, leaving the fabric backing intact. The fabric is rinsed to remove the acid, which does not compromise the integrity of the garment.

A garment may be accented with a burnout pattern, or the burnout pattern may cover the entire textile, depending on the desired look and feel of the garment.

The picture on the left is an example of a shirt with an allover burnout pattern.  (Item # 3601)            

Item #JBLTDBurnout garments are often also dyed creatively with bold colors or patterns, as is the case with the twirl-dyed shirt pictured on the right. (Item # JBLTD)  Burnout fabric may also be crushed or treated to make it even more distinctive.

Our suppliers have added a variety of burnout items to their lines this year and we’re excited to offer them to you. To see the selection of women’s and men’s burnout clothing available at Shoppers Rule, please go to


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